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Apr 23 2007

“I Hear You Guys Are Going On Strike.”

I have a good friend who’s a camera operator on a big TV drama. He told me the buzz on set is that the WGA is going to go on strike, and he asked me if that was true. He’s a dear friend, and there was no rancor behind the inquiry, but it’s an inherently [...]

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Sep 12 2006

No Strings Attached

This is a rant. No, actually, it’s a desperate plea. Can we please stop with the wire-fu? Seriously. It was fun for a while there. We had some good times in The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. But lately, I just feel like we’re going through the motions. Within the past decade, we’ve seen [...]

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Aug 27 2006

Master of Your Domain

It’s a bit of a cliche in Hollywood that screenwriters are frustrated people. We have relatively little power and influence. We tend not to be household names. We’re easily and frequently replaced, and so on. The list of complaints is endless. But they all spring from one inescapable fact: Screenwriters don’t make movies, we make [...]

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May 02 2006

Gone Tomorrow

The Revolution has failed. Joe Roth’s Revolution Studios is winding down operations, just six years after it burst on the scene with the promise of quality movies at modest budgets. Well, I guess if you consider Gigli quality filmmaking… It’s interesting to me that an autonomous studio predicated on “quality” films turned out such an [...]

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