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Jan 09 2007

“Quiet” Makes Film Threat’s Top 10

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This is pretty cool. Quiet, a short film written by Steve Barr and directed by Marshall McAuley, two very good friends of mine, made Film Threat‘s list of best short films of 2006. Way to go, boys!

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Jul 22 2006

It’s (Not) Alive!

You hear cautionary tales about it all the time, but the true horror doesn’t strike until it happens to you. CHDD: Catastrophic Hard Drive Death. I spent the past five weeks traveling — visiting family and driving all over the northeast. I planned to do some work while we were on the road. After all, [...]

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Jun 25 2006

A Midsummer Night’s Brief Update

I haven’t posted much lately. Work and some unexpected traveling have kept me busy. Also, I’m lazy. Also, there hasn’t been much fun news to report. But there are two developments worth mentioning. A New Attachment We’ve got a new director on board the Lucy Liu project (DEVIL TO PAY) — Antonia Bird. This is [...]

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May 11 2006

The DHS Ate My Weblog

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So, after a couple of friends notify me that my site is down, I contact my hosting service and come to find out that the Dept. of Homeland Security confiscated the entire server because some sub-human uploaded something that he probably shouldn’t have. Meanwhile, the hosting service set me up with a new server, but [...]

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Apr 12 2006


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Screenwriters, by their nature, tend to immerse themselves in stories — movies, TV shows, books, comic books, videogames, whatever. After all, if we didn’t love stories, we wouldn’t be screenwriters, right? Yet, one of the unintentional side effects I occassionally run into is that I’ll write a line or an action beat that I later [...]

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Mar 28 2006

What Are My Options?

In Hollywood, there is a term — “calling card script.” It’s what every aspiring writer should be striving to create. It’s the script that opens doors for you. So, it’s really more like a key than a calling card. I’m not sure why they call it a calling card script. Nobody calls you just because [...]

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Feb 06 2006

Under Pressure

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If you’re in southern California, and you fancy yerself a filmmaker, consider entering the Lost Weekend Competition, a 48-hour film contest that’s part of the Silverlake Film Festival. The contest, which is being hosted by The SoCal Film Group (of which I am a member), is being held the weekend of March 24-26. The idea [...]

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Jan 30 2006

Hey, They Spelled My Name Right!

Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are both running an announcement that Lionsgate has acquired foreign rights to my thriller screenplay, DEVIL TO PAY, to star Lucy Liu. (The above linked articles may require very expensive subscriptions). I anticipate these sorts of trade notices with excitement and trepidation, ever since Variety botched the spelling of my [...]

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