Apr 23 2007

“I Hear You Guys Are Going On Strike.”

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I have a good friend who’s a camera operator on a big TV drama. He told me the buzz on set is that the WGA is going to go on strike, and he asked me if that was true. He’s a dear friend, and there was no rancor behind the inquiry, but it’s an inherently loaded question. If my guild goes on strike, that means his show shuts down production and he’s out of a paycheck indefinitely.

I’m hearing that statement, in one form or another, more and more nowadays — “I hear the writers are going on strike.” A lot of people in LA make their living in the entertainment industry, and many of them will be affected by a work stoppage. Sometimes I hear a touch of bitterness, because a WGA strike is out of their hands.

Well, guess what, folks. It’s out of mine, too.

We might strike. We might not. It all depends on how events unfold once the writers and the companies sit down to begin negotiations this summer. We’re all waiting with bated breath.

I don’t want to strike, but I don’t want the guild to eat a shit sandwich, either. Technology is bringing about great change in our business, and we don’t have a system in place to account for these new revenue streams. If we accept lousy terms, we’ll likely be stuck with them for a long time to come.

Uncertainty sucks. But there’s no real solace in being certain you’re screwed.

Anyway, I just wanted to provide an answer to all of you who have been wondering if the writers are going on strike. The answer is: there is no answer.

Fun, huh?

Believe me, nobody hates an unresolved plot line more than we do.

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