Dec 04 2005

Declaration of Principles

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In the excellent film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Richard Dreyfuss’ character, Roy Neary, has visions implanted in his mind by alien visitors. These visions drive him toward Devil’s Tower, where he is intercepted and interrogated by members of a mysterious scientific team portrayed by Francois Truffaut and Bob Balaban — Why has he come here? What does he hope to find? But Neary doesn’t know, and he can only respond with a frantic question of his own:
“Who are you people?”
He never does get an answer.
Neary’s plight perfectly mirrors that of the screenwriter — driven by inexplicable urges to tell stories for a living, but challenged every step of the way by the demons and imps (and occasional angels) who serve as gatekeepers in the Inferno of the Hollywood system.
Who are you people, indeed?
This website is intended to provide some insight into that struggle, into the life of that screenwriter — of this screenwriter.
It won’t be as funny as Josh Friedman’s blog. Not for lack of trying, and not because I don’t love you. But let’s be realistic.
It won’t be as informative as Craig Mazin’s site. Craig just has more to offer in the way of knowledge and experience — and a stronger desire to actually teach you something useful.
I doubt it will be as earnest or interesting as John August’s site.
And it definitely will not be as revelatory as Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio’s long-running Wordplay website — absolutely the best online resource for aspiring screenwriters.
There are other differences between me and those guys — like the fact that their careers are wildly successful and mine can be charitably described as “cute.” But, we’re talking websites here, not careers.
And my website aims to be little more than a window into the world of an intrepid, working screenwriter as he hacks his way through the bush of modern day Hollywood, trusty Powerbook slung over his shoulder, on a quixotic quest to put his stories up on the big screen, demons and imps be damned. Battles will be won and lost. Lessons will be learned. Tears will be shed. Popcorn will be eaten.
Care to tag along?

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